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Vivid portrayals of partners, family members, friends or colleagues, present and past, in coloured
pastels, sanguine, charcoal or pencil.

Jack Lynch

Recently finished this colour pastel portrait of my friend Norah's granddaughters. I’m putting them up as an example of the kind of portraits I’m offering as my Christmas special offers at a much reduced price for the season. No sitting is necessary as I can work from photographs sent to me. Not just of children but couples/partners/spouses or deceased loved ones.


All portraits are delivered with 4 free copies to share with family or friends. For full colour the new special rate is €400 for colour €300 for black and white (see young boy). My contact details are on the left of this page, so plaease call me if you’d have any special enquiries.

Regards. Jim Harkin.


The Coronavirus has badly impacted my Portrait Business. However, I can work from photographs when in-person sittings are not possible. Why not use this time at home to take a photograph of a loved one, a child, or a pet and have me transform it into a portrait?

As my Corporate Yearly Portraits of Company Chairpersons etc which came in regularly are all halted or put on hold, I am doing a coronavirus special offer, offering Portraits at less than half the normal price.

For A3 Charcoal drawings(black n white): €250. For A3 Colour Pastel drawings: €450 each original with 4 good copies FREE of charge. Can be sent by post. Enquiries via my contact details on the top righthand side of this page.